How to read Hiragana

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How to read Hiragana


There are 5 vowels in Japanese.

5 vowels a i u e o

あい⇒ai    love

いか⇒ika   squid

うみ⇒umi  sea, beach

えき⇒eki   railway station

おかね⇒okane  money

Quiz: How to read following Hiragana?

  1. あお(blue)   2.はな(flower)  3.ほん(book)     ( a. hon   b. ao  c. hana )

1. ゛ two dots (called Dakuten)

かka⇒がga  きki⇒ぎgi  くku⇒ぐgu  けke⇒げge こko⇒ごgo

g ga gi gu ge go
z za zi zu ze zo
d da ji zu de do
b ba bi bu be bo

きん⇒ kin (gold) ぎん⇒gin (silver)

ふん⇒fun  (minute)  ぶん⇒bun (sentence)

2.  circle (called Handakuten)

はha⇒ぱpa  ひhi⇒ぴpi  ふfu⇒ぷpu  へhe⇒ぺpe  ほho⇒ぽpo

p pa pi pu pe po

ふりん⇒furin (immorality) ぷりん⇒purin  (pudding)

はり⇒hari  (needle) ぱり⇒pari (paris)

へん⇒hen (strange) ぺん⇒pen (pen)

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