JLPT  Preparation Course


N1 Course
Students will be able to read writings with logical complexity and/or abstract writings on a variety of topics, such as newspaper editorials and critiques, and comprehend both their structures and contents. .  Students will need to know more than 1500 kanji.
N2 Course
Students will be able to read materials written clearly on a variety of topics, such as articles and commentaries in newspapers and magazines as well as simple critiques, and comprehend their contents. Students will need to know about 1000 kanji.
N3 Course
Students will be able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics. One is also able to grasp summary information such as newspaper headlines. Students will need to know about 650 kanji.
N4 Course
Students will be able to read and understand passages on familiar daily topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji. Students will need to know about 300 kanji.
N5 Course
Students will be able to read and understand typical expressions and sentences written in hiragana ,katakana , and basic kanji.Students will need to know about 100 kanji.

Group lessons 50min.

No registration fee.

50min. total
8lessons 23,600yen @2,950yen
24lessons 66,000yen @2,750yen
48lessons 122,400yen @2,550yen

 Group lessons 80min.

80min. total
8lessons 30,000yen @3,750yen
24lessons 85,200yen @3,550yen
48lessons 160,800yen @3,350yen

Group Lessons

Group lessons a re for 2-4 students and last 50 minutes or 80min. Before you start your course of lessons you must select the time and day of your class. Usually, a twice a week course last 12 lessons (taken over 6weeks). You can join a course that is already in progress although it is still necessary for you to sign up for a full course of lessons. Also if there is no class of a suitable level at a suitable time it may be possible to open a new class. Again please feel free to ask.. 

Cancellation Policy for Group Class.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you can not attend your class, so that we can make arrangements to accommodate you. If you contact us before 6pm the day before you are absent, we can offer you a make up lesson within your contact period, as long as we have another group class at the same level. Should your lesson be scheduled for a Monday, please contact us no later than 2pm on the preceding Saturday.

Textbook charges are not included in the fee.

Textbook(about 3,000yen) 


N1 Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) 60 110min.
Reading 60
Listening 60 60min.
Total score 180 170min.
N2 Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) 60 105min.
Reading 60
Listening 60 50min.
Total score 180 155min.
N3 Language Knowledge (Vocabulary/Grammar) 60 30min.
Reading 60 70min.
Listening 60 40min.
Total score 180 140min.
N4 Language Knowledge
(Vocabulary/Grammar) ・Reading
120 30min.
Listening 60 35min.
Total score 180 125min.
N5 Language Knowledge
(Vocabulary/Grammar) ・Reading
120 25min.
Listening 60 30min.
Total score 180 105min.

JLPT Total score


JLPT Data3 score balance



JLPT score


JLPT passing percentage



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