Maizura Mahmud

I took private lessons at J’s Language School in preparation for JLPT Level1.  Here I found the teachers are not only professional but they are also passionate in helping me out to reach my goals. The flow of lessons was adjusted time to time following the level of difficulties or the area I wanted to particularly focus and spend more time. The selection of materials including supplementary ones was very tactical which really helped my intensive learning over a short period of time. I passed JLPT Level1 and would not hesitate to recommend J’s school to anyone.
(Vocabulary, Kanji, Listening, Grammar 100% )Total score 98%

Japanese students 2Celine/France

When I first came to J’s Language School, I just wanted to improve my conversation skills, especially for work. Then I found I could even try to give a shot to JLPT level 2. I was not very confident though … I started classes with great Ayako-sense. Not only the lessons were very enjoyable but the tests every week, the fit homework and Ayako-sensei’s perfect teaching and easily-memorized examples (She has a very funny cat!) helped me pass JLPT level 2 after 6months! I recommend J’s Language School to all of you who love learning effectively along wiht fun!.

Japanese student 3 Aaron Lavery/ Australia

Passing Level 3 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test gave me a great sense of satisfaction and encouragement to continue to study Japanese. I now feel confident to engage in simple conversations, ask questions and even to make a few jokes. Having a better understanding of Japanese has made life in Japan much more fun.

Working in a consulting firm gives me many opportunities to participate in meetings with Japanese colleagues which can be either partly or fully in Japanese. In the past, these meetings used to put me to sleep, but now I get much more out of them and feel that I can sit through a one hour Japanese language meeting and have a rough idea of what was discussed.

The teachers at J’s Language School are professional, but also have a good sense of humor and I really look forward to my weekly lessons, which never feel long enough. I really owe it to the teachers at J’s for getting me through the Level 3 test. About two months before the test, my teacher created a strict schedule to ensure that I would learn everything necessary for the test, and then about two weeks before the test we went through many practice questions. My teacher gave me lots of encouragement and pushed me when I needed it.
I would not hesitate to recommend J’s to anyone.

 Japanese student 4Kim & Nam / Korea

인터넷을 통해 우연히 알게된 “J’s Language school”.
혹시나 싶어 메일과 전화로 문의를 하니, 너무 상세하고 친절하게 상담을 해준 우라(浦)상의 목소리가 아직도 기억에 남아있다. 일본에 발을 내딛어 설렘반 기대반에 다니기 시작했던 지난 2개월 남짓한 일본어학교에서의 수업시간을 되새겨 보면, 아직도 커다란 아쉬움이 남는다.

1 : 1 또는 2 : 1의 소수정예 구성으로, 나의 부족한 점을 파악한 집중교육과 함께, 수업종료 후에는 저녁식사나 술자리를 통해 일본문화를 체험하고 접할 수 있는 기회도 가졌던 것이 큰 도움이 되었다. 특히, 나에게 있어서 무엇보다 좋았던 것은 학교 분위기에 대한 편안함이었다.

가족적 분위기의 이 학교내에서 서로간에 인간미를 느끼며 함께 할 수 있었던 것이, 일본어공부를 하는 나에겐 잊지못할 기억으로 남아있다.   비록, 2개월 남짓한 나의 “J’s Language school”에서의 수업은 끝이 났지만, 아직도 같이 수업을 받았던 선배님과 학교에서의 지난시간을 추억삼아 서로 이야기한다.

P.S. 가르침을 주신 선생(先生)님들, 그리고 선생(先生)님 겸 친구 미야모토(宮本)상, 타나까(田中)상 너무 감사합니다.

Japanese student 6Daniel Roberts / UK

At the outset of my studying with a J’s Language School’s teacher, I never imagined that I might be able to pass Level 2 of the Japanese proficiency test.
Not only had I a busy work and social life but previous experiences with Japanese Language Schools had not been encouraging.
What a pleasant surprise there, to find myself being taught by a teacher who combined a both the personal qualities of kindness and patience with an all too rare thorough going grasp of this subject.
This selection of materials was faultless and combined with supplementary materials that really brought my learning to life. I can not recommend J’s Language School highly enough..

 Japanese student 5Robert Dewitt / USA

I have been studying with Ura-sensei and Takagi-sensei of J’s language school for over 2 years now. When I first began I had completed the level 4 test with much left to learn. Thanks to the guidance and patience of these 2 very special teachers they helped push me through to passing the level 2 test this past year, and now I am on target for the level 1 test. J’s language school’s on-site lessons are extremely helpful for a full time engineer like myself. Takagi-sensei and Ura-sensei have also been very flexible about finding unique methods personally tapered to help me navigate through the more difficult sections of the language. Being someone who is starting a bilingual/bicultural family, without these language skills I have obtained there are countless situations which being able to speak and read and a respectable level have saved me. I must say I have been very satisfied.

 Japanese student 7Paul Burke/ UK

The teachers at J’s school are so professional and friendly. I have taken lessons and group classes at other schools before, but J’s school is by far the best. I passed JLPT 2years ago, and I was looking for classes to push me up to level 1.
The classes I’ve taken has been very interesting and very useful; J’s school are real lessons, not just chatting. I ‘ve been recommending J’s school’s lesson’s to everyone I know.