Don’t Miss Deadline for JLPT


Every year, there are a few people who can’t take the JLPT because they missed the application deadline.

The deadline is earlier than expected, for example, this year the deadline was set as below.

Deadline for JLPT

(Test date)   (Application period(1 month))

Jul. 3              Mar. 29- Apr. 28

Dec. 2            Aug. 31- Sep. 29


This means that applications must be sent about 3 months before the actual test.

The application period ends right around Golden Week and Silver Week, which means a lot of people go on vacation during that time, and when they return from their break, often times they realize that the deadline has already passed.


If you plan to take the test next July, please remember to apply for it in March.

For those of you planning to take it next December, applications start in August.

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