Japanese word list 4 – words related to the weather (2)

Japanese word list 4


Tenki o arawasu kotoba to hyoogen (2)

Words and expressions related to the weather (2)


Nihon  jin  wa  tenki  nitsuite  hanasu  no  ga  daisuki  desu.

The Japanese love to talk about the weather.


■ Kaiwa 1 / Conversation 1


A:  Yamada-san,  ohayoo  gozaimasu.

B:  ohayoo  gozaimasu.

kyoo  mo  atsui  desu  ne.

A:  soo desu  ne.

hontoo  ni  mainichi  atsui  desu  ne.

B:  ashita  mo  atsuku  naru  soo  desu  yo.

A:  soo  desu  ka.


A:  Good morning, Mr. Yamada.

B:  Good morning.

It’s another hot today, isn’t it? (It’s hot again today, isn’t it?)

A:  Yes, it is. It’s really hot everyday, isn’t it?

B:  I heard it’s going to be hot tomorrow too.

A:  Is it?


■ donogurai  atsui  desu  ka ? /   How hot? 

1  atsui  あつい  hot
2  hijyooni  atsui  ひじょうにあつい  extremely hot
3  shinuhodo  atsui  しぬほどあつい  it’s so hot I could die
4  totemo  atsui  とてもあつい  very hot
5  kanari  atsui  かなりあつい  pretty hot
6  mushi  atsui  むしあつい  humid


■  Reibun   /   example sentences using “hot.”


① Nihon  wa  totemo  atsui  desu.

=     It’s very hot in Japan.

② watshi  wa  atsui  no  ga  kirai  desu.

=      I hate heat.

③ kyoo  wa  itsumo  yori  atsui  desu.

=     Today is hotter than usual.

④ kono  heya  wa  atsusugi  masu.

=     This room is too hot.

⑤ kyoo  wa  nante  atsuin  daroo.

=     How hot it is today!



■ donogurai  samui  desu  ka?  /   How cold?

1  samui  さむい  cold
2  kogoeru hodo  samui  こごえるほどさむい  freezing cold
3  osoroshiku  samui  おそろしくさむい  awfully cold
4  hadazamui  はだざむい  chilly
5  sukoshi  samui  すこしさむい  a little cold
6  honno  sukoshi  samui  ほんのすこしさむい  slightly cold


■ Reibun  /   example sentences using “cold.”


① soto  wa  samui  kara,  kooto  o  kite!

=     It’s cold outside. Put on your coat.

② kyoo  wa  sukoshi  samui  desu  ne.

=     It’s a little cold today, isn’t it?

③ watasi  wa  samui  no  ga  kirai  desu.

=      I dislike cold weather.

④ kotoshi  no  fuyu  wa  samui  desu.

=      We have a cold winter this year. or Winter is cold this year.

⑤ Nihon  no  fuyu  wa  samui  desu.

=     Japan’s winter is cold.